Why Main Street Financial?

You should trust your financial health only to the most educated, experienced and ethical of advisors. When you become a client, we become committed to helping you achieve financial success.

You can count on receiving independent, honest guidance to help you through difficult times in life as well as everyday financial decisions. We help you remove some of the emotion from your decisions and simplify your financial life. In the process, we will develop a close relationship with you as a trusted advisor to call on when needed.

It might sound a bit old-fashioned but we believe that it is possible to serve clients well AND be profitable. It is not only an honorable way of conducting business … it actually works! Our client retention rate since we started doing business is over 90%.

Our service to you is built on trust and transparency.

You deserve an advisor who works in your best interests. We do not work on commissions and we do not get paid to sell investments. We charge a fee based on the level of assets we manage so, as our clients’ portfolios grow, our revenue grows. We do not have sales quotas and we do not have to answer to corporate mandates.

We serve only our clients. Our success is tied to the success of our clients which we believe is a “win-win” approach.