Our Core Values

We act with complete integrity and transparency. We believe that our honor and client service are more important than profits. It is this belief that guides the rest of our Core Values and the overall conduct of our business. We offer financial advice based on our experience and our deeply held core values.

We follow a fiduciary standard of care for our clients. This means we put our clients’ interests first, even ahead of our own. Our loyalty is to our clients – not to some bank or Wall Street firm or insurance company. We believe the fiduciary standard is an essential component of integrity.

We do not sell investments. We are fee-only planners. We do not receive commissions and there are no hidden charges. Our clients pay us an agreed-upon fee for managing their portfolios. A detailed fee schedule is available upon request or by reading our Form ADV.

We strive for win-win relationships. We know there are some people whose needs we can’t meet and we’re OK with that. We will not accept clients unless we are confident that we can provide real benefits to them.