Divorce Finance & Related Services

The divorce process is such a highly emotional and stressful time that it seems pretty overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to financial issues. There is not only the fear of an unknown financial future but there is also the emotional distraction caused by the process itself. By providing clients with a source of objective, professional advice, we help to remove some of the emotion from their financial decisions.

By helping people find the right financial strategy during and after divorce, we help them regain a sense confidence in their ability to take control of their financial affairs.

We find that many people are so focused on family and personality issues that they tend to ignore or minimize the financial ones. This is especially true of women who often have many roles, not just that of bread-winner. With an independent advisor to help them with their financial decisions, they can better focus on those other roles.

Pre-divorce, we can help with the financial and tax aspects of the divorce, with decisions about splitting marital assets and other financial choices people need to make as they prepare for an uncharted path of life. The earlier in the process we address these issues the better. We don’t provide legal advice but we can work with your attorney or mediator or we can help you pose the proper questions to them.

Post divorce, we help people simplify and organize their financial lives and, if needed, establish household budgets. We also help by providing on-going tax and investment advice.