Financial planning is not just about investing and it is not just for wealthy people.  We often hear people say “I don’t have much to invest.” or “I don’t have much money but I have some things I’d like to discuss.  Do you work with small accounts?”   We believe everyone should have access to a financial advisor.


We get tremendous satisfaction from helping people simplify their financial lives and from guiding them towards decisions that improve their financial health.  While many planning issues are covered as part of our investment management service, you do not have to be an investment client to be a financial planning client.  All you need is the desire for better control over your financial life.


We help clients make the right financial decision whether it is a major source of stress or a nagging general concern, such as:

·  “When can I retire?  How much do I need to have saved up?”

·  “Are my investments on track to achieve my goals?”

·  “What can I do to save on income taxes?”

·  “Can I afford to buy this house?”  or  ” Should I refinance my mortgage?”

·  “When should I apply for Social Security?”


Our advisors are down to earth and easy to talk to.  We don’t sell investments so there is no sales pressure.   We’re here as a resource for you.